crowley school

Museum Location / Hours

The Heritage Center
Corner of 3rd and Main
P.O. Box 24
Crowley, CO 81033
Phone/Fax: 719.267.3384
Directions to Museum

Monday - Friday:
Mornings: 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Museum tours by appointment
Call: 719-469-7874

Senior Ladies

The ladies of Crowley County get together every Monday at 9:30 a.m. at the Heritage Center for coffee and conversation. Come join the excitement!


Board Meetings

Just a reminder! Every second Tuesday of the month the Town of Crowley hold its board meetings at 7:00 p.m. Make plans to attend to keep up with what is happening in YOUR community.


2022 Holiday Closures

Independence Day - Mon.,  July 4
Thanksgiving - Thurs.-Fri,  Nov. 24-25

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Crowley County and your family?  Click HERE to see how we can help.


Heritage Society Membership

Donations, and memorial donations can all be made online!!!

Club Donation Board ($100)

Adrian & Jacquelin Moll
Alvin & Karol Carter
Anna Lofing
Ann R. Akagi
Annie Jones (Thompson)
Art & Leslie Terrones
Asano "Akagi" Quarne
Bert & Vicki Buhr
Bertha "Herman" Kler
Bill & Carol McCurdy
Blaine & Pam Arbuthnot
Bob & Lorna Brewer
Bob & Norene Aydelotte
Bob & Norene Aydelotte: 50th Anniversary
Carl "Ronnie" Stevenson
Carl & Sue Higgs
Carolina "Algiene" Mendez
Crowley High School: Class of "54"
Crowley High School: Class of "55"
Cruz & Louise Cordova
Dale & Gayle Gerry
Dave & Margaret Ragsdale
David Reeves
Dean & Betty Rusher
Dick & Loretta Sharon
Dixie Malone
Don Akagi & Teresa Shafer
Donald Kinard: Class of "54"
Dora "Algiene" Renteria
Dora Terrones: 80th Birthday
Dorothy "Markus" Shrader
Douglas K. Tashiro
Dwight & Marge Gardner
Elizabeth Valent
Evelyn "Adkinson" Hayes
Evelyn "Canterbury" Gerringer
First National Bank-Las Animas
First National Bank-Ordway
Freddie & Janet Brewer
Fritz & Elona Kropf
Gerald & Linda Sullivan
Genzo Akagi
George & Nancy Algiene
Glen & Kay Fulton
Harold & Henrietta Baker
Harry & Darla Wyeno
Henry & Ruth Wyeno
Herman & Jeanne Heidt
Imogene "Brewer" Roddy
Jack & Kathy Lundahl
Jake Simonian
Jim & Margaret Eichman
Joan "Auckland" Grantham
Joe & Maxine Chavez
Joe & Toshiko Wyeno
Joe Algiene
John & Carol Law
John & Reiko Maruyama

Jorene "Venn" Markus
Ken Buckingham
Kinder-Morgan Co.
Kiyo Fujimoto
Larry & Corky Pickerill
Leif & Sara Berg
Leland & Peggy Miles
Leo L. Jordan
Len and Shirley Talkington
Lindoe Inc.
Lomis Iris Society
Loren & Maxine Sober
Lower Ark. Valley Conserv Dist.
Lucky & Helen Ashida
Lydia Terrones
Margaret "Ramey" Blakeley
Mary Jane "Cook" Hilyer
Mary Sue "Early" Williams
Masako "Fujimoto" Ishida
Matt Heimerich
Maxine Adam Sims
Maxine Wright Hughes
Maynard Apple
Mildred "Apple" Brewer
Mildred Knutson
Norman Ames
Ordway High School: Class of "53"
Orvilla "Bond" Chiles: Class of "55"
Paul & Charlotte McDonell
Paul & Stella Grimes
phillip & Mary Jean Buford
Rev. & Mrs. R. Teubner
Richard "Dick" Berg
Robert "Bob" Eichman
Robert V. Hughes
Ron and Anita Peters
Ross & Florence Jordan
Roy & Bev Armstrong
Roy Yehle
Russell & Imogene Roddy
Sam & Young DeMarcus
Samuel DeMarcus
Scott and Sherry Shaffer
Seniors Young at Heart
Sheryl Barr
Shig Akagi
Sue "Akagi" Nagamoto
Tak Yamashita
Ted Aoki
The Tomky Family
Thelma "Miles" Euritt
Tom & Taeko Udo
Town of Ordway
Victor Jordan
Virgil & Kathryn Lamm
William T. & Klara Herman
Yasuko "Furakawa" Okazaki




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