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Museum Location / Hours

The Heritage Center
Corner of 3rd and Main
P.O. Box 24
Crowley, CO 81033
Phone/Fax: 719.267.3384
Directions to Museum

Monday - Friday:
Mornings: 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Museum tours by appointment
Call: 719-469-7874

Senior Ladies

The ladies of Crowley County get together every Monday at 9:30 a.m. at the Heritage Center for coffee and conversation. Come join the excitement!


Board Meetings

Just a reminder! Every second Tuesday of the month the Town of Crowley hold its board meetings at 7:00 p.m. Make plans to attend to keep up with what is happening in YOUR community.


2022 Holiday Closures

Independence Day - Mon.,  July 4
Thanksgiving - Thurs.-Fri,  Nov. 24-25

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Crowley County and your family?  Click HERE to see how we can help.


Heritage Society Membership

Donations, and memorial donations can all be made online!!!

Memorial Board ($100 or more)

A. Dee Watson
Akiko Yunoki
Albert & Nannie Bond
Albert F. Enyart
Alberta Rusher
Alex "Shorty" Keller
Allen Ringle
Alice Jane "Canterbury" Edgar
Alice J. Greenhalge
Anita Peters
Arthur "Bud" Apker
Asano Quarne Memorial
Barbara Herrera
Bill & Clarisssa Lundahl
Bill Broadbent, CC Educator: 45 years
Bill Jaggers
Billy Jo Lundahal
Blanche "Wisner" Eichelberger: 1909-2007
Carl Higgs
Carl & Emma Stevenson
Cecil "Johnny" Van Meter
Cecil Armstrong
Cecil Eagy
Charles & Pearl Auckland
Charles Swift
Charlie Simonian
Clara Grantham
Clifford Newhouser
Clyde "Buster" Lundahl
Congregacion De NTRA SRA De Guadalupe
Dave Ragsdale
Dean Rusher
Delores V. Medina
Duane Pantle
Ed Bronner
Ed Gregory
Elba 'Womack" Palmour
Ellen "Kimball" Keller
Emily "Herrera" Aragon
Eva Jean Apker
Fidelia Reyes
Fred Brewer
George Algiene
George & Verna Mae Hasty
George Wyeno
Gerald "Jerry" Sullivan
Gerald Jordan
Geraldine "Apple" Foster
Gertrude "Weskamp" Swift
Gifford & Helen Henderson
Glen Auckland
Grady Palmour Sr.
Guy V. & Maudie E. Williams
Harley Rusher
Harry L. Markus
Harukichi Tanaka
Harvey & Dalice Whan
Helen "Apple" Brewer
Henrietta "Womack" Baker
Henry "Hank" & Ada Adam
Henry & Mollie Markus
Henry & Winifred McClellan
Herb & Elizabeth Drescher
Herman Peil
Higgs Family
Howard Gilmore "Class of 1953"
Hugh & Ethel McDonell
Ihachi Akagi
Ike Simonian
J.L. "Pete" Reeves
Jack Reeves
James "Jim" McCleary
James D. Drescher
James J. Trainor Family
Jess & Addie Seifried
Jim & Lola Peters
JoAnn "Bond" Reeder: Class of "53"
Joan "Auckland" Grantham
John & Anna Adam
Johnny Huck
Judith Tower (1930-1991)
Julian & Charlotte Cordova
Kat Akagi
Kathy Lundahl
Kay Fulton
Kenny Anderson
Laverne "Corky" Womack
Leo & Pansy Jordan
Lillian "Wyeno" Akagi

Lona "Ollie" Reeves
Loren Sober
Lorna "Kimball" Brewer
Loretta Tomky
Loyd "Bud" & Helen Dillon
Marcella Newhouser (Whan)
Margaret "Simonian" Kidwell
Margaret "Weskamp" Davis
Margaret Gibson
Margaret Herman
Marie Hobson
Marjorie A. McCleary
Mark Roddy
Marven L. Bond: Class of "26"
Mary "Simonian" Nelson
Mary Ellen Campbell
Mary Gerlock
Mary "Wulfers" Trainor
Mary “Babe” Warren
Maudie Porter Trainor
Maxine "Wright" Hughes
Maxine "Brewer" Sober
Maynard Apple
Mika Akagi
Mike Roddy
Mildred "Adam" Klieby
Mildred "Apple" Brewer
Milton & Edith "Case" Bollacker
Mr. & Mrs. D. Earley
Mr. & Mrs. M. Simonian
Murrel Stephens
Neal Auckland
Newton and Jean Hubbs
Nobe Ashida
Norene "Jordan" Aydelotte
Norm Chiles
Norma Jean Nelson
Norma "Johnson" Galbraith
Norman Adam
Opal Brewer
Ordean Quarne
Orlando Terrones
Orville & Leona Bond
Orville Tomky Memorial
Owen & Tessie Bacon
Paul & Ida Belle Gray
Paul & Lucille Williams
Pauline Ellis
Pete & Alberta Franzman
Rev. Paul & Mona McDowell
Richard & Evelyn Gray
Robert "Bob" Hughes
Robert Brewer
Ron Peters & daughter Amber
Ronnie Stevenson
Rose Ashida Wilson
Roy Adair
Roy & Erlene Hughes Memorial (Parents)
Roy Hughes
Ruby Hamlin
Russell Roddy
Ruth Jordan
Sandra Apple Kerr
Savino Terrones
Scott H. Greenhalge
Shelley Dawn: Daughter of Carl & Sue Higgs
Shields Eichelberger (1908-1990)
Shig Akagi
Shioshita Living Trust Memorial (Kiyoshi K. Shioshita)
Stan Roberts
Stanley D. Greenhalge
T. J. & Paulina McClure
Teddy & Mae Newhouser
Toku Wyeno
Tom Kretzer
Toni Merelli
Toshiko Wyeno
Trainor Family
Truett & Annie Jones
V. K. Jordan
Vern & Mabel Apple
Verna Mae "Huck" Langston
Victor "Jack" Jordan
Violet & Horace "Slim" Mann
Walt and Darlene Wilson
W.E. & Alma Wilson
Walt Bronner
Willard Higgs

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