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sugarIn the west room…special items of interest…WW II uniforms are displayed along with pictures of whom they belonged to, war ration stamps, v-mails and histories.

A collection of early day glass-lantern slides and a projector for their viewing. The slides were used in the former Princess Movie Theater in Ordway.

Wedding dresses from the early 1900’s worn by Flossie Pantle and Myrtle Langhorst. A lovely party dress owned by Mrs. E.P. Johnson. A 1940’s flower girl dress worn by Dorothy Wyeno are in the showcase of old dresses.

In the ranch room…. saddle once owned by pioneer, Ernest “Red” Lundahl, this saddle was made by former Mac’s Saddlery, of Pueblo. Another saddle, Spanish style, once owned by pioneer, Ed Whitney.

Cast iron cooking pots used on cattle drives by owner, Walt Wright, early pioneer rancher.

An unusual item used on cattle drives carried on the chuck wagon is an insulated

“Thermatic Fireless Stove”, patented in 1914. This cooker has three units, with stones you would heat and place in cooker units to simmer items such as beans, potatoes or meats, then your supper for evening meal was “READY’. It worked like a modern day crock pot.

In the east room…many pictures of history and articles of the towns in the county, ethnic cultures, such as the Japanese, Hispanic, and German-Russian immigrants coming to the area, Missouri Pacific Railroad, Colorado Canal irrigation and farming, ranching and many other items of interest.

quiltResearch Possibilities In The Museum
Irrigation in Crowley County…The National Sugar Factory and Carey Family… beet dumps along the railroad…The Cudahy Ranch with new pictures displayed with permission from the Marion Crowe Family collection… Boston Farm…tomato factory in Crowley…orchards in the area…turkey raising and process…King Center Hay Mill& Auckland Farm and Ranch…Alfalfa Mill at Ordway and Crowley…years of the KKK in county…properties that were homesteaded…war history…banking in county…country schools dating back to early 1900’s…history of the churches… Japanese, Hispanic, and German-Russian cultures… and of each town and the county.

 3rd and Main, Crowley, CO 81033, USA

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