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Museum Location

Corner of 3rd and Main
P.O. Box 24
Crowley, CO 81033

Museum Hours

Mon. - Fri.: 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Tues.: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Museum tours by appointment

Board Meetings

Just a reminder! Every second Tuesday of the month the Town of Crowley hold its board meetings at 7:00 p.m. Make plans to attend to keep up with what is happening in YOUR community.

HS Membership

Heritage Society Membership
Donations, and memorial donations can all be made online!!!

Below are a list of Family History Books that are part of the Crowley Heritage Center.

1. The Weimer Family from Oberjettingen Germany to Americus Kansas by Warren Wesley Weimer
2. John and Dora Williams/John Benjamin and Dora Belle Ball
3. Reuben James and Pearl Clinger Walter
4. Adkinson Family History
5. Demetrio and Sabina Lopez
6. The Algiene and Manis History
7. Terrones Family
8. Don Jose Lozano
9. Edward C. Chavez
10. Toku: Memories of a Family Matriarch, by the Wyeno-Kido Family Members
11. Lillian and Genzo Akagi
12. Akagi USA: The Akagi Family History 1877-1995
13. They Came to Colorado: Elza and Clara Grantham, by Their Children
14. The Gray Family from Scotland to the United States, by William M. and Anna Belle Gray Walter
15. The Story of Samuel and Willmina (Brubaker) Arnpriester
16. “Viola” Sears, by Barbara Capps Johnson
17. Brewer Family Cookbook: Fred and Opal Brewer
18. History and a few tall tales of the James Brothers Ranch 1901-1936, Walter P. James and wife Mettie I.
19. Hixson Family Ranch Co. History, by George Hixon
20. A Tribute: Merle Leland “Bud” Walker – Pioneer Rancher Antelope Mesa, Dec 12, 1912- Feb 5, 2006
21. Theodore Newhouser, by Linda Morgan
22. The Life and Legend of Horace Mann
23. A Brief History of Paul and Ida Belle Gray, by Rev. William M. Walter, D.D., Oct 5, 2011
24. Ball/Williams Family Farm - Olney Springs, Colorado
25. Walter Family Tree- The Descendants and Ancestors of Reuben James Walter and Pearl Clinger Walter

 3rd and Main, Crowley, CO 81033, USA

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